Who is Mehmet TANRISEVER ?

He was born in Bağyurdu village of Bozkır district in Konya. After primary school, he started working. He stood out with his entrepreneurial qualities at a young age. Today, he is the owner of Mert Çelik, one of Turkey's leading companies. In addition to his business identity, he is also interested in cinema as a producer and director. One of the films he directed, "Exile," won awards at the 45th Salerno Film Festival and the 11th Tashkent Film Festival. He has also produced many domestic films. He has published a book called "Getting Rich on the Way of Existence," in which he has documented his life and views.

About Us

Feza Film, which was founded in 1989, has produced many productions that have won awards at national and international festivals. With the "Minyeli Abdullah" series, Feza Film achieved a box office success with hundreds of thousands of viewers. The film "Exile," directed by Feza Film's founder Mehmet TANRISEVER, won four major awards at international film festivals and was also a finalist at dozens of festivals around the world, including the Philadelphia Film Festival (USA), Salerno Film Festival (Italy), and Tashkent Film Festival (Uzbekistan).