BOZKIR : Look At The Birds

Nisan 7, 2023
Nisan 9, 2023

BOZKIR : Look At The Birds | Storyline

Abdullah and Cripple Ziya are known for their honest and honorable dealings as gun dealers in the Bozkir district of Konya. Despite their contrasting personalities, they share a long-standing friendship and partnership. Abdullah dreams of marrying his beloved Emine and building a happy life with her, while Cripple Ziya lives life one day at a time, spending his money solely for his own happiness. One day, while visiting Abdullah’s friend Bekir the Potter, Cripple Ziya harasses Suheyla, Bekir’s wife, when Abdullah steps out for a brief moment. When Abdullah returns and discovers what happened, he chases after Cripple Ziya and ultimately kills him with a single bullet for his shameful behavior. Abdullah admits to the crime with regret and anger, turning himself in, but finds the conditions in prison unbearable. During his trial, Abdullah recants his confession and a local man named Erol Kara takes responsibility for the killing, earning the admiration of the townspeople for saving their honor. Despite having committed an act celebrated by the community, Abdullah’s denial of the crime leads to his alienation and scorn from the villagers. His fiancée Emine leaves him, and his sister Ayse is also insulted by their neighbors. Realizing that his biggest mistake was denying having killed his friend, Abdullah returns to prison and serves his sentence, confronting Erol Kara in the process.

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