FREE MAN : Bediüzzaman Said Nursi
Nisan 6, 2023
BOZKIR : Look At The Birds
Nisan 8, 2023

FREE SLAVE | Storyline

Mehmet, a former Imam who dreamed of becoming a movie director, faces immense financial difficulties in funding his film project. His wife leaves him due to his financial problems, and he ends up losing everything he had, including his home. As a result, he and his daughter Ayse are forced to live in a hostel, and Mehmet struggles to provide for her. His desperate attempts to convince producers to invest in his film fail, leaving him deeply in debt. Mehmet’s life hits a new low when he loses his mother, and he becomes suicidal. However, a chance encounter with a Dervish gives him hope and he finds work as a hotel cleaner, while also visiting Ayse in a children’s home. One day, he meets Esma, a disabled woman from a wealthy family who recognizes him as an award-winning filmmaker. Esma starts developing feelings for Mehmet, and he becomes a source of comfort and support for her. Esma’s father, Hulusi, offers to fund Mehmet’s dream project and support him financially if he agrees to marry Esma. Mehmet initially rejects the offer but later decides to marry Esma out of pity. Sadly, Mehmet’s neglected illness proves fatal, and he dies on his wedding day. Esma recovers and returns to full health.

FREE SLAVE | Trailer