SILENT SCREAM : Sleeping Hearts

Nisan 14, 2023
Nisan 16, 2023

SILENT SCREAM : Sleeping Hearts | Storyline

Muhammet is an indie film director who creates movies about human and social values using his own capital. His film crew, however, is plagued by cultural and social corruption, which affects his mood. During the shoot, Muhammet takes a break and talks with his old friend Mümin, who also quit filmmaking due to similar troubles. Muhammet convinces Mümin to join him, and they return to the set. Muhammet leads the crew to a special place where he used to come and contemplate with his friends from time to time. Now he asks the production team to form a circle and perform the “Dhikr of Asma,” a purification ritual for the mind and heart. Muhammet believes that artists seeking truth and goodness must first cleanse themselves. In this collective dhikr, Muhammet and his crew find a new start.

SILENT SCREAM : Sleeping Hearts | Trailer