MOON FACE : Shattered Hearts
Nisan 11, 2023
Nisan 13, 2023


Mehmet is a quilt maker apprentice who is still a child in rural Anatolia. Mehmet, who falls in love with Nilüfer, the daughter of a wealthy family who comes to the shop, sees that the way to marry Nilüfer is to earn a lot of money and become rich, and settles in Istanbul. With this love in his heart, Mehmet, who is honest and hardworking, works hard and becomes the boss of the factory where he works after years and marries Nilüfer to realize his dream. However, Mehmet is exhausted by years of fatigue and this drags him on a quest. Mehmet, who finds real happiness and peace in his heart and in mysticism, now finds it in contemplation of the purpose of existence, to cope with all problems. Understanding that he does not exist only for the life of this world, Mehmet will begin to live in the depths of religious values both for the life of this world and for the life of the hereafter.

The Apprentice's Quest | Trailer

The Apprentice's Quest | Movie